Tom Morrow, Location Sound Mixer for Film/Video

415-787-3568 cell in San Francisco

Seeking: Field Mixer, Boom Operator, and/or Sound Utility position on Indie films, both narrative and documentary, paid and unpaid.

Experience: As of April 2013 I have 70+ production days of experience recording sound, primarily for narrative independent and student films. Contact me for references.

Education: Semester long sound classes taken at City College towards Sound Recordist certificate (May 2013): Audio Production, Field Video Production, Sound for Pictures, Cinema Sound 1&2, Studio Mixing, Live Sound Reinforcement, Pro Tools. Attended microphone hiding workshop by Lectrosonics and volunteered at Audio Engineering Society conference 2012, and attended 2010.

Equipment: Sanken cs-3e boom mic with full blimp, 2 sets of Sennheiser g3 wireless lavaliers with extensive accessory kit for hiding on actors, Sound Devices 302 mixer, Sound Devices 744t 4-track recorder with timecode, sound blankets, connectors to interface with almost any camera including DSLRs. I can rent other equipment, including Lectrosonic Lavaliers.

Personal Statement: What's special about me, as opposed to other sound mixers, is my technical orientation towards acoustics. My degree in electrical engineering (Brown University 1992) helped me learn the physics of sound, and I spend much more time and effort than your average sound person on hanging sound blankets to eliminate resonances and colorations from the small rooms that indie films are often shot in. I know how to deal with breaker boxes to turn off hardwired refrigerators and other noisy devices. I have training and supplies to hide lavalier microphones on actors in a variety of outfits, even though the boom remains the best way of capturing dialog on set.

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